Eccentric Design – CYPI Press



Indulge your eccentricities! The editors of this volume highlight artists and designers who will inspire you to achieve new heights of innovation.

Embracing computer graphics, design and illustration, this exceptional compilation of work from 23 carefully selected creatives from all around the world presents an eclectic myriad of atypical expression.

Within these pages you will find the provocative and the absurd alongside glimpses into unfamiliar thought processes as seen through a series of short interviews. But you will also find much of what recent commercial design has been lacking: innocence, hope and courage.

Anyone looking for inspiration will be rewarded. Artists featured include Toby Yeung (Hong Kong)Dan Leonard (Ireland), Driv (Malaysia), Gianluca Mattia (Italy), James Marr (Spain), 8E88 Graphic (Thailand), Dave Gamez (Mexico) and Junichi Tsuneoka (USA).


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