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Just like the ugly duckling, GONGU™ the green ape finds himself so unique in the world of purple apes. Yet, this has never made the born optimist feeling any inferior to others. Quite to the contrary, he lives happily by fooling around and exploring the world in his own way. Although he’s a man of few words and often emotional, people are attracted by his candid and quirky personalities. You just can’t help being entertained by looking at his exaggerated expressions.

GONGU™ is the latest buzz in WeChat, the fast-growing social networking app with over 200 million users as of Sep 2012. Soon after being launched in 2012, 3 of GONGU’s emoticons climbed to the top 10 most frequently used emoticons, with the one with GONGU™ biting beddings topping the list. Users really like how the naughty boy precisely expresses their feelings in a humorous manner. Given that each emoticon used will be seen by both senders and multiple recipients, the accrued impressions and penetration of GONGU™ is exceptionally high.

GONGU™ is especially suitable for usage in smartphone-related products and services, as proven by the success in instant messaging environments. Funny viral videos are coming soon.

Please don’t hesitate to email to info@tobyhk.com if you want to get in discussion about licensing with GONGU™ or any other members in tobyhk’s family.

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