Consulting Service

Our team has over 20 years of solid experience in marketing and advertising. Over the past few years, we have been growing fast in the licensing industries. We are excited to witness the growing popularity of our designs and the great business results achieved by our happy clients, such as Yahoo!, Tencent, Wechat, Hitachino nest, VOLKSWAGEN, Hong Kong Productivity Council, CLP Group and more. This pushes us to make the most of our experiences and capabilities at all times when providing professional rebranding and consulting services.

Moreover, we have been closely partnering with property companies such as SINO Group, SHK, Chinese Estates Group and more regarding promotional events at their various shopping malls. We are so glad that, through our carefully designed characters and thematic promotional ideas, we manage to bring targeted consumers to the venues as well as positive impact on brand building and sales revenues.

Licensing Service

Our licensing service covers a wide range of areas including product, promotion, subject and channel licensing.

Our character series are suitable for product authorization in many fields: stationery, household items, clothing, toys, food, electronics, games, books, video products and many more. Licensees are also authorized to use the characters and design for themeparks, restaurants and cafes, and well as using them as endorsers for media or event promotions.

Each character series comes with a comprehensive style guide with design samples, so that our partners from different regions can quickly develop a unique product. We are actively expanding our licensing areas and welcome partnership ideas from interested parties.

Design Service

Looking for a character to represent your company? Let tobyhk workshop create original and memorable mascots that help build your distinct brand image. Your mascot will help personify your company, transforming it into something engaging and appealing to your target audience. A well designed mascot will help your customers remember you easily, and help you stand out from the competition.

Our experience in character design ranges from company mascots to iPhone games to style guide development. So no matter what your requirement is, tobyhk workshop’s design team has the expertise to match.

tobyhk workshop was founded in 2010 as a character design and consulting company. We have developed 13 characters series for different project cooperation. We are actively providing 2 key areas of services: licensing and brand consulting. Please check out the respective sections to see how we can help grow your businesses. We also provide other services related to art and design, including character design, graphic design, exhibition planning and management for worldwide designers.